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    13 products
    Close up of women’s hands pumping out immortelle face cream on forefinger.
    Immortella Regenerative Hydrating Cream - anti-aging cream
    The Rose Gold Body Oil - 757 Natural Cosmetics
    Close up of women’s hands. With one hand she is holding natural handmade body scrub made of orange lemon and sea salt. Her other hand is jar, she is tying the structure of the body scrub with her fingers.
    Orange & Lemon Body Scrub - natural handmade citrus scrub
    from €15,00
    The Golden Mountain, Facial Serum-757 Natural Cosmetics
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    A beautiful young woman is holding in her hands immortelle dry body oil. Natural dry Body oil is suitable for all skin types - especially dray and dehydrated.
    Immortella Dry Body Oil - luxury anti-ageing bodycare
    Close up of young women’s hands pouring lavender body oil in her hands. Glass bottle of natural body oil infused with dried lavender flowers.
    The Butterfly Effect Body Oil- dried lavender flowers infused oil
     Two glass jars of natural deodorant cream one opened, showing the white colour of product and one closed. Beside glass jars is pink packaging box. There are a couple of diagonal sun rays and shadows from the window.
    Glass of natural deodorant cream standing on wicker basket, one half of basket is wrapped in beautiful silk fabric, beside product is decorative pampas grass.
    Immortella Deodorant Cream - free from aluminum, baking soda and alcohol
    Close up of women in bathroom robe, holding jar of natural clay facial scrub and mask. She is trying the texture of face mask with her fingers, before applying it on her face.
    Immortella Facial Clay Scrub & Mask - 2 in 1 treatment
    Two little cute hart shaped purple soaps made of pure lavender essential oil and Croatian extra virgin olive oil.
    Lavender & Olive Oil Soap - natural handmade soap
    from €4,00
    Two little cute hart shaped soaps. One is orange ant the other one is blue. They made of pure sweet orange, lemon and citronella essential oil and Croatian extra virgin olive oil. Next to the soaps is white eco-friendly packaging with sketch of the hart, representing Croatian island of Galesnjak and small beautiful flowers.
    Sweet Orange, Lemon & Citronella Soap - natural handmade soap
    from €4,00
    Two little cute hart shaped black soaps made of charcoal and tea tree essential oil.
    Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Soap – for oily and acne-prone skin
    from €4,00
    The logo of Mediterranean Beauty Box, online shop for natural handmade cosmetics inspired by Mediterranean.
    Mediterranean Beauty Box Gift Card
    from €25,00
    Two little cute hart shaped soaps made of extra virgin Croatian olive oil, and pure mint, clove and cinnamon essential oils. The soaps are next to their eco-friendly handmade packaging.
    Mint, Clove, Cinnamon & Poppy Seeds Soap - natural handmade soap
    from €4,00
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